November 2016

I am thrilled to have 4 prints in SWING STATE, an exhibition at the newly opened art gallery Rojas + Rubensteen Projects in Miami, Florida. Swing State is an exhibition that looks critically at American systems of power, and it could not be more aptly titled at this moment. The art space is intended to be a place for critical conversation across the divides, so please pass by, engage, soak it in. I will have 4 prints in the exhibition from my In Transit project, and they'll be showing alongside the works of 12 other artists: Damon Casarez (Los Angeles), Jacobia Dahm (Berlin), Orestes De La Paz (Miami), Ben Gomez (Miami), Ayasha Guerin (New York), Meirav Ong (New York), Kenneth Pietrobono (New York), Matthew Spiegelman (New York), Ryan Turley (New York), and Alexander Zimmer, Jeremy Handrup + Gabriel Bump (Chicago)

Opening night of SWING STATE is n Nov 28 at 7 pm!