MAY 2019

ABDUL MACHT KEIN ABI | On the messiness of German asylum politics: In order not to be deported, Abdul will not finish school and instead start training as a male nurse.

Abdul escaped to Germany when Iran tried to deport him to his birthplace, Afghanistan, which his parents (like so many Afghans) fled when he was a baby. He is now a student at a boarding school in southern Germany, but his asylum request has been denied, and the German government, too, wants to return him to a place where he has no family, and his life would be at risk. Like many others whose requests have been denied, Abdul will start vocational training that grants some protection from deportation. Sascha Lübbe and I spent a few days with him.

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MARCH 2019

It’s #FridaysForFuture and school children all over Germany will be on strike again. Today 16-year old Swedish Greta Thunberg has come to Hamburg to show solidarity with Luisa Neubauer, the 22-year old leader of the German climate protest movement. A few weeks ago I photographed Luisa Neubauer at the climate protest in Berlin for ZEIT and ZEIT CAMPUS. She is running an unprecedented and ongoing youth movement that’s pushing for fast change.

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In spring of 2017 I travelled across Germany for GEO to spend a weekend with Kerstin Held and her three foster children, who all have multiple disabilities (which is why she chose the children in the first place). Spending time in their orbit and taking the edge off my own ignorance was one of my highlights of last year. With a beautiful text by reporter Vivian Pasquet.







The past few weeks have been busy, here are the highlights. In late August ZEIT Online sent me out to interview and portrait voters in the northern city of Bremen about the SPD candidate for chancellor Martin Schulz, in September a short and very generous piece about my portraiture appeared in Communication Arts Magazine, and just a few days ago NPR published a wonderful story about Sophia, a German flirt coach, and Aktham, a Syrian refugee who enlists her help in finding a girlfriend. I really enjoyed working on the photography for this story. 

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Many thanks to Daniella Zalcman for putting the website WOMEN PHOTOGRAPH together to help bridge the gender gap in the industry's hiring patterns. Thrilled to be part of it and to be discovering the work of colleagues!  

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My photo essay on Lesbos is included in the recently published book Beyond Survival, written by Jenny Schuckard and Kilian Kleinschmidt, published by Dumont Reisen. Jenny tenderly recorded the stories of twelve refugee children and teenagers, what they had to leave behind, and how they made their arduous journey to Germany. Kilian, who has long been hands-on involved in refugee work, provides the background information we need to understand what makes people leave. What’s unusual about this beautifully written book is that it's geared towards younger readers and their parents. A reading took place on Dec 19 at Grüner Salon in Berlin.

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November 2016

I am thrilled to have 4 prints in SWING STATE, an exhibition at the newly opened art gallery Rojas + Rubensteen Projects in Miami, Florida. Swing State is an exhibition that looks critically at American systems of power, and it could not be more aptly titled at this moment. The art space is intended to be a place for critical conversation across the divides, so please pass by, engage, soak it in. I will have 4 prints in the exhibition from my In Transit project, and they'll be showing alongside the works of 12 other artists: Damon Casarez (Los Angeles), Jacobia Dahm (Berlin), Orestes De La Paz (Miami), Ben Gomez (Miami), Ayasha Guerin (New York), Meirav Ong (New York), Kenneth Pietrobono (New York), Matthew Spiegelman (New York), Ryan Turley (New York), and Alexander Zimmer, Jeremy Handrup + Gabriel Bump (Chicago)

Opening night of SWING STATE is n Nov 28 at 7 pm!

October 2016

In October 2016 I enjoyed giving a talk at Northern Arizona University to about 150 students and faculty about my work documenting the Syrian refugee journey through Greece and the Balkans last fall. This was my third talk of the kind, and I appreciate the conversations you can have the range of questions that rise up in a diverse academic community which for the most part have witnessed the refugee migration from afar and through newspapers.


In early October I attended the 29th Eddie Adams Workshop in upstate New York. It was intense, rewarding, exhausting. Reflections about this long weekend by my wonderful college Santosh Korthiwada are here.

September 2016

Absolutely delighted to have photographed the lead essay on language acquisition in children for September's GEO Magazine.