Breastfeeding should be the most normal thing in the world, and yet public breastfeeding can still cause tension in the US -- even though women are legally protected to do so in 49 out of 50 states. Gazing and unwelcome comments are the norm for many women who try. As a result breastfeeding circles are common, where women support each other in their choices. At the Eddie Adams workshop XXIX in October 2016 I was part of a team of photojournalists who were looking at health issues in Sullivan County, New York, and I had the privilege of photographing Toni, Sarah, Jasmine, three young women who live in upstate New York, meet regularly in a nursing circle, and who breastfeed in public against all odds. Toni, 29, calls herself a "naturalist" and objects to the drapes that many women use when breastfeeding in public. "The reason you use those", she realized, "is for other people's comfort."